Waterbased Polyurethanes


2 Part High Traffic Waterborne Polyurethane Hardwood Floor Finish

Elite is the toughest. most durable 2-part. non-yellowing waterborne finish available today. It has the hardness and chemical resistance of a moisture cure urethene but with the ease of a waterborne application, it is ideal for high traffic areas like stores, restaurants and other commercial applications as wet as in homes. It is low odor, not toxic and non-flammable.

High Gloss 6600 ⏐ Semi Gloss 6601 ⏐ Satin 6602


1 Part Crystal Clear Non Yellowing Waterborne Polyurethane Hardwood Floor Finish

Durathane Clear is a non - yellowing waterborne urethane with excellent adhesion and a rapid air-dry formulation. It is possible to apply multiple coats of Durathane in one day and produce a crystal clear Gloss film or a deep km luster satin finish. Durathane is durable, scuff and chemical resistance.

High Gloss 6400 ⏐ Semi Gloss 6401 ⏐ Satin 6402


1 Part Oil Modified Amber Waterborne Polyurethane Hardwood Floor Finish

Radiance is an oil-muddied polyurethane in a waterborne solution! New oxidative cure technology gives Radiance all the superior properties of a solvent borne oi-muddied pot/urethane but at a substantially lower VOC. This unique formulation combines the Boss, durablity. depth and natural color d an of-modified polyurethane with the quick dry, low odor and non-flammable qualities of a waterborne product. Radiance has superior scuff and abrasion resistance without the use of any crosslinker.

High Gloss 6200 ⏐ High Gloss 6200 ⏐ Satin 6202