Stucco And Masonry

Exterior Stucco & Masonry Coating

Professional Supreme Exterior Masonry Finishes

A PREMIUM one-part 100% acrylic stucco and brick paint designed as an effective weapon against UV rays and weathering in a coaling that is easy to apply and dean up. Longest lasting protection against fade on painted or unpainted masonry surfaces Cones to a smooth. durable finish that resists fading. chalking or chip-ping Rejuvenates KOOL DECKT and other textured deck surfaces. For non-skid surfaces. add sand or pumice stone as desired Cleans up with soap and water. Designed for maximum protection against algae. UV rays and abrasion.

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Decorative Flakes Epoxyprotect

100% Epoxy Coating

Epoxyprotect Waterbased Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

A water based, high solids 2 part Epoxy coating for all concrete floors for commercial and residential applications where a tough. chemical resistant finish is needed It will rot chip, chaulk or fade and will maintain a new look for many, many years.

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Oil Based Industrial Maintenance Coatings

High Gloss Enamel #09 Series

A PREMIUM one-part industrial enamel Formulated especially as a heavy duty protective and decorative coating to withstand severe exposures An oil based heavy duty coating for any new or previously painted surface Mich requires resistance to fading, chaulking or chipping. Harco will maintain a "lust painted' new look for many, many years. Special processed chemical ingredients protect metal against rust. corrosion, clipping and fading The result is a finish that provides outstanding appearance over the exposure cycle.