Rust Proof Industrial Paints

Rust Proof Industrial Paints

A PREMIUM one-pan, oil based primer Formulated especially as a heavy duty protective and decorative first coat primer/sealer. Special processed chemical ingredients protect against rust rotting, corrosion. mildew and chipping and fading. The result is a primer that provides excellent adhesion to Si type surfaces in preparation for top coating.

Paint Exterior Surface in this Order:

1. Eaves

2. Fascia

3. Walls

4. Trim*

5. Doors/Garage

* Include door and garage door trim, Windows and shutters.

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First Coat Primer / Sealer

A fast drying first coat primer where adhesion and hiding are a must. Rust inhibitive and mildew proof. Harco primer applies easy and can be topcoated with any type of finish.

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Rust No More - Direct To Rust Primer / Sealer

Will work on dean steel or rusty steel. galvanized metal, zinc. aluminum, tin or previously painted surfaces Is a universal paint primer. and a rust converting paint primer" Can overcoat with all different types of paint - no restrictions. Needs no sanding or deglossing. Is a self etching primer that "bites" into a painted surface. Is a unique 1-step process #W5905