Epoxy Coatings Solvent Based - Concrete & Steel

Eoxy Kote 2- Part Epoxy Coating

A PREMIUM two-part solvent based epoxy coating designed for maximum protection, ease of application, outstanding gloss and cola retention. chemical resistance and adhesion over a variety of substrates. Longest lasting protection against fade Apply over most types of epoxy coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete and steel. Ones quickly. durable. and resists fading. chemicals and abrasion. Mix ratio is 1.1. Coverage es 500-600-square feet per 2 gallon kit Pot We of activated paint as 4 hairs.

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Epoxy Guard I- Part Epoxy Coating

A PREMIUM one-part epoxy fortified industrial enamel that es designed for all applications of steel and masonry Formulated especially as a heavy duty protective and decorative coating to withstand severe exposures A rust inhibitive paint for new or previously panted structural steel rolled steel, aluminum and all types all masonry surfaces. Special processed chemical ingredients protect metal and masonry against rust. corrosion. mildew, chipping and facing. The result is a finish that provides outstanding appearance over the exposure cycle.

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